Your class will be divided into six tribes, based on the following body systems (the color of your system below indicates the color of your tribe):

Respiratory System

Circulatory System

Nervous System

Skeletal System

Muscular System

Digestive System

Each tribe will research their body system and present their information at the final tribal council. Your tribe will have to persuade the jury that your body system is the most important for survival... or your torch will be extinguished!
You will be assigned a color for their tribe, which will be represented on your ID Badge. You are required to wear your badge all times, allowing everyone to identify your tribal affiliation. You will be presented with challenges over the course of the next few months and you will be given tools to help you survive each challenge. Each doctor will have the opportunity to be the "Chief Resident" and prove that he/she has what it takes to become an actual Chief Resident. As Chief Resident, you will have to show your:
  • Leadership Skills
  • Your Management Skills
  • Your Communication Skills
Tribes that learn to work together and complete challenges in a timely, creative way will be the most successful.


Survivor MD will consist of the following challenges, the details of which will be communicated to you through "Survivor Mail". All challenges must be completed.
  1. Welcome to the Island - w/o 1/7 (Introduction to the project, form tribes)
  2. Create Your ID Badge - w/o 1/14 and 1/21 (Learning about your "medical specialty")
  3. Your Gross and Cool Body - (Learning about your body system, its organs and parts)
  4. Showing What You Know - (Create a technology product that teaches us about your system)
  5. Keeping Your Body System Healthy/Diseases of Your Body System
  6. Diagnose Your Patient
  7. The FINAL TRIBAL COUNCIL-->this will be your opportunity to show off all of your hard work to your peers, teachers, and parents! w/o 5/28 OR 6/8 (if we need more time)

Are you ready to begin?