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Hello Doctors!
Jeff here from Survivor. Your next challenge is to DIAGNOSE SOME PATIENTS THAT ARE VERY ILL. They are from different parts of the island, so they have sent you video text messages explaining their symptoms. Your tribe has researched health and lifestyle issues and has learned what is detrimental to your body system. Remember, teamwork is key. For your WIKI WORK for this challenge, you will use an iPad app of your choice to give advice to your patient. You may choose Face Talk, where you can import your ID picture (one person from the tribe) and record your advice or you may use Videolicious and record yourselves giving advice. Use the handouts below to get started.

See you at the tribal council, where the winners of Challenge 3 and the Final Challenge will be announced and then the winner of Survivor M.D. 2013 will be chosen!

Good luck! ~Jeff