You have just landed on the beach. It is time for you to find out which TRIBE you will be part of.

Remember, each tribe must rely on teamwork to get the job done.

  1. Choose your top choices for the body system you would like to research.
  2. Find out which body system you will be responsible for.
  3. Meet with your tribe at your campsite and decide on a name for your tribe. Your tribe name should be unique and have something to do with the body system you are responsible for.
  4. NEXT: Fill out the FORM below.
  5. Find out your tribe color and get ready to be photographed! EACH PERSON IN THE CLASS WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHED INDIVIDUALLY AND WITH THEIR TRIBE! Your TRIBE photos as well as your individual photos will be saved in the research folder, in a special folder that will be called "Survivor 2012 + Teacher Name + Student Photos". Your individual photo will be needed for the next challenge!